Videography is my oldest hobby. If you count the years of working with Windows Movie Maker, I have been making videos for over 7 years. The freelance work I have done for video has taught me a ton that I'm very thankful for. Taking photography classes in college also played a huge part in learning the effects of good lighting and solid audio. The videos below are mainly from my own adventures, with a couple being freelance jobs.  

San Diego (Winter) | DJI Phantom 4 + Nikon D800

Rocket League Highlights Compilation 2017 | Hemskey

Screen Arts, INC. Video Spot | Nikon D3100

Fire Watch (Fall) | DJI Phantom 4

Camping (Spring) | DJI Phantom 4

Camping (Fall) | Nikon D800 + DJI Phantom 4

Lake (Summer) | DJI Phantom 4

2014 Video Reel | Nikon D3100